Roung Shu Industry Corp. Ltd. is a Taiwanese Cooperation specializing in the weaving ribbon industry with more than 30 years of experience. As one of the leading wholesale ribbon companies, we offer various ribbons for different functions and applications.

We have large manufacturing base in Taiwan and Mainland. Marketing through many countries with superior quality and best services, our object customers are mainly distributed in Europe & America, South & East Asia, and Middle East Asia.
"Roung Shu" enjoys more than its reputation from buyers all over the world and it has become another name of professional weaving ribbon. Our product includes a variety of Chinese knot, metallic ribbon, satin ribbon, and printing ribbon, knitting ribbon, gimp cord, cords, and processed ornaments. They are widely used for Christmas gift, foreign festival decoration, craft trimming, present packaging, material arrangement and garment accessories. We not only have first-class manufacturing equipments, but also trained a professional R&D group for product improvement and development.

Market-oriented and customer demand-based, Roung Shu eco friendly ribbon wholesale pursues to convert customer imagination to reality timely, precisely and scientifically with the spirit of innovation and presents very competitive prices to our customers. Contact us right now!

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